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Tooway™ usage calculator

Choosing the right broadband package, be it via satellite or wired, means being confident in how much bandwidth you are likely to use. Everything that you do uses some bandwidth, but the rate at which you use up your data allowance varies greatly depending on how you use your connection.

Our Broadband usage calculator features the services that people really use. Wondering how quickly your spotify usage will eat up your data allowance? Concerned that your youtube habit is going to cost the earth? Drag the sliders about to reflect how you use your connection and we'll calculate your approximate monthly data usage.




TV & Video

Photo uploads

Calls & Chat

Cloud Services

50+ GB
30 GB
20 GB
10 GB
0 GB

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A note about the Tooway Sliding Windows : Tooway utilises a "sliding window" system to ensure fair usage of their network. What this means is that even though you might have a 10GB data allowance you can't expect to use that all in a short period. The packages expect the usage to be spread across the month. See the grade of service document of any package you are considering for full details.

Disclaimer: The figures presented above are estimated values only and may differ from values encountered during real-time usage.
The values provided by the above usage calculator tool should be used only as a approximate guide rather than an absolute representation.
Please regularly check and monitor your usage to ensure that you stay within the limits of your subscription.