Rural Broadband - Customer Feedback

Wednesday 29th February 2012

 We love hearing from our customers and how satellite internet can really solve problems for them. Here is some recent feedback from a happy Tooway customer.


I live in one of the "not" spots with no TV, radio, nor mobile signal (the
constabulary use satellite phones). The position is further exacerbated by
the fact that the nearest exchange is some 17 kilometres away and Broadband
but a dream - my dial up gave me 15 kbs.

I did try to get satellite Broadband several years ago with - yes , you've
guessed it with ****** A week after my cheque for 1400 GBP cleared
(installation and first month up front) the company went into liquidation.

Though Bentley Walker was around at the time it was for business purposes

With my retirement as a GP in the NHS I found that I no longer had the
facilities of the surgery. Though because of the ****** scenario I was
extremely reticent to have anything to do with Satellite Broadband for

Not only was I surprised that how the fees had decreased but that instead of
the glib sales spiel of ****** I actually had a person (Chris Martin) whom
was thoroughly conversant with the product, answered my many queries by
return , and has always been extremely pleasant and helpful.

In my experience I have found the true worth of a company is not so much
when things are going right but rather when problems arise. To this point
all the minor issues - have been resolved in an efficient and prompt manner
by your technical staff.

Accordingly, I simply wish to extend my sincere thanks to all those members
of the Bentley Walker team whom maintain both a efficient and professional
manner that Bentley Walker can be proud of.

With regards,

Dr W J Thomas