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Bentley Walker provide satellite internet solutions covering Western Europe including France, Germany, Monaco and the United Kingdom.
Western Europe is served by three satellites: W3A Eurasian beam, W6, and W7.

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Offering a compelling balance of value and performance, the Hughes HX50 is unsurprisingly one of the most popular satellite internet solutions available on the market today. Bentley Walker package the HX50 with our exclusive BW Turbo software to deliver even higher speeds, which combined with “weather-beating” adaptive coding technology delivers you value, speed and reliability.


  • Exclusive BW Turbo Software will enable increased speeds.
  • Adaptive coding on the inbound and outbound routes ensures boosted signal strengths in periods of worsening weather.
  • Self diagnostic tools.
  • Optimized web browsing with turbo server page.
  • Plug and play VSAT installation. Increased efficiency with our Dual WAN set up.

Tooway satellite broadband delivers fast, affordable internet access where other services can't. Offering fantastic coverage of the UK and Western Europe, Tooway can get you online and broadband speeds quickly and easily and totally independently of the telephone network.


  • Up to 60 times faster than dial-up
  • No software installation – once your dish is installed, activate your service in a simple 1-step process
  • Compatible with standard home networking equipment
  • No telephone line required
  • Fast delivery – typically 1-2 days for UK orders, 3-5 days for Mainland Europe

Covering Africa, Europe and the Middle East, our C-band service on satellite W2A provides our customers with increased resistance to rain fade for unprecedented reliability. In areas of high rainfall C-band is the technology of choice, and Bentley Walker offers a huge range of service plans for this platform.


  • iDirect's Intelligent Platform
  • D-TDMA Upstream Transmission
  • TCP & HTTP Acceleration
  • DVB-S2 Technology
  • Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM)

Incorporating the latest technology from iDirect, Bentley Evolution Satellite broadband delivers the highest levels of efficiency and reliability to your network. Bentley evolution also delivers excellent performance for VOIP and VPN.


  • Excellent performance for VoIP and VPN
  • Free Evolution upgrades available with qualifying subscription payments
  • Adaptive Coding Modulation for the highest efficiency and reliability of connection

Countries in Western Europe Covered

United KingdomAndorraGibraltarLiechtenstein