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The geography and undeveloped infrastructure of Afghanistan has always made Satellite Internet the best option for internet access across much of the country, and the only high-speed internet solution for most of the country It was though the arrival of western troops to Afghanistan at the end of 2001 that really started to drive demand in the region.

Bentley Walker is the one of the largest suppliers of satellite internet equipment and service in Afghanistan. Working with our own network of local resellers we provide the best service possible across the region, using the latest Ka-band services, including our own Freedomsat solution. Bentley Walker VSAT technology is used by military personnel and commercial organisations not only in Kabul, but across the country.

Our largest customer base in the region is the American, European and British servicemen and women themselves. Satellite internet gives serving military personnel a crucial link with home. Whilst nothing is the same as being back home, we know from our customers that being able to see faces and hear voices can make all the difference. That is why we offer are proud to offer free satellite internet hardware to western military personnel serving in Afghanistan.

Freedomsat is ideal for delivery of ka band satellite internet technology serving Afghanistan with faster and more affordable broadband.

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Resellers and distributors wanted in Afghanistan

Would you like to partner with one of the most experienced providers of satellite internet services? We are looking for resellers and distributors throughout Afghanistan to partner with to offer our global VSAT services. Click here to find out more about reseller opportunities.

Customer Stories

After finding our website, UN worker Robert Petrin contacted us with a requirement for a shared internet service in Kabul, Afghanistan. Existing services were not suitable due to the filtering of most service providers. Bentley Walkers unfiltered Freedomsat Service has been now been installed. "I recommended the service to other offices, who are now also using it"
G was directed to Bentley Walker by a contact in Afghanistan because he needed a reliable connection for himself and 5 others to keep in touch with family and friends at home. G found service on the base in Afghanistan to be poor so came to Bentley Walker as we had been "recommended as a trustworthy and notable company", G has now been enjoying our Freedomsat system for 4 months!