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Libya’s revolution was set to bring about massive change to the country and in many ways this has proved to be the case. One area of the country’s infrastructure that still suffers though is Libya’s internet access.

Without satellite internet, only 5.5% of the Libyan population would have access to the internet and in most cases 52% of those connected have speeds less than 256kbps. Even though change is slowly starting to happen, with the countries first 3G mobile networks soon to be rolled out, there’s still a long way to go before terrestrial broadband speeds are brought into line with the norms in other parts of the world.

Bentley Walker’s Libyan satellite internet packages are filling this digital void perfectly and with forecasted targets being smashed regularly the uptake of this Ka band technology has been unprecedented.

The Hylas 2 satellite, which is key to Libya’s Ka band connectivity, boasts an impressive 80% coverage rate of the 1.76million–sq km country, meaning even customers who find themselves in the middle of nowhere can still enjoy super-fast broadband speeds. Ka band satellite internet is perfect for both home and business users and can efficiently support a variety of services including VOIP.

Bentley Walker partners itself with local distributors throughout Libya. Choosing partners who are experts in satellite internet installations brings the advantages of having local expertise on hand with the backing of a leading international Satellite ISP.

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Libya Satellite Internet

Freedomsat is ideal for delivery of ka band satellite internet technology serving Libya with faster and more affordable broadband.

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