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If you live in a city then you might be forgiven for thinking that the whole of the UK now enjoys fast ADSL and Fibre optic access to the Internet. The truth though is very different. The government is currently committed to giving almost every Brit access to broadband internet by 2015. However this target still only promises speeds of a measly 2Mbit/s whilst those in more built up areas are receiving speeds up to 50x that target. These poorly serviced areas are not as remote as you might believe either. You only need to travel in to many city suburbs to find streets and whole neighbourhoods where coverage is poor.

Satellite Internet offers a solution to those households not covered by fast terrestrial broadband. Through products like Tooway, Bentley Walker bring broadband internet to parts to the UK that otherwise struggle to get true broadband access.

Broadband via satellite is not just for poor service areas either. As satellite internet is not reliant in any way on the phone network, it also offers a perfect way to ensure a back-up internet connection. This makes satellite an increasingly popular, and surprisingly affordable choice amongst businesses that need to ensure continuity of access to the internet.

Bentley Walker Tooway covers the whole of the UK and much of Europe, delivering affordable download speeds of up to 20 Mbit/s across it's entire service area.

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