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Satellite Broadband Internet Services

Our range of Satellite Interne Broadband services are designed to fit the needs of differing groups of users. Some services are only available in certain regions, so please use our coverage map to check. To discuss your particular requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

Offering a compelling balance of value and performance, the Hughes HX50 is unsurprisingly one of the most popular satellite internet solutions available on the market today. Bentley Walker package the HX50 with our exclusive BW Turbo software to deliver even higher speeds, which combined with “weather-beating” adaptive coding technology delivers you value, speed and reliability.

Tooway satellite broadband delivers fast, affordable internet access where other services can't. Offering fantastic coverage of the UK and Western Europe, Tooway can get you online and broadband speeds quickly and easily and totally independently of the telephone network.

Covering Africa, Europe and the Middle East, our C-band service on satellite W2A provides our customers with increased resistance to rain fade for unprecedented reliability. In areas of high rainfall C-band is the technology of choice, and Bentley Walker offers a huge range of service plans for this platform.

Incorporating the latest technology from iDirect, Bentley Evolution Satellite broadband delivers the highest levels of efficiency and reliability to your network. Bentley evolution also delivers excellent performance for VOIP and VPN.

Experience the freedom of working from where you want to work rather than where there happens to be a telephone exchange. Freedomsat delivers fast broadband internet across the whole of the UK and most of Europe, even where phone lines don’t reach - Making rural broadband a reality.

YahClick is the ground breaking Ka Band service from Middle East Telecommunications specialists YahSat. YahClick delivers a fast, cost effective, and reliable satellite broadband solution, catering to the needs of business and home consumers in the Middle East, Africa and South West Asia.

As YahSat’s International Partner, Bentley Walker bring their experience as Europe’s leading satellite ISP to deliver the YahClick satellite broadband service in to 23 counties in the Middle-East and Africa.

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