Bentley Walker Netmanager

Product Overview

  • Is congestion on the Internet exit point an ongoing issue?
  • Do you have users who take more than their fair share of valuable bandwidth resources?
  • Is anti-virus and anti spam protection as tight as it should be within your organisation?
  • Do you want the ability to be able to allow productive sites and protocols whilst blocking unhealthy sites?
  • Do you lack visibility of local LAN traffic in and out of your Satellite connection?
  • Is the user experience degraded due to lack of local caching?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then you need Bentley Walker Netmanager.

We are pleased to announce the availability of a hardware device that addresses all the above and more at an affordable price.

Please read below a fuller description of the Bentley Netmanager features. We are confident that be it on a Satellite link or on a terrestrial link there is some feature in the Bentley Netmanager that will increase your organisationís online productivity.

Bentley Walker Netmanager

Product Highlights

Bandwidth Management

  • Offers effective bandwidth control through a simple GUI, which makes creating and editing policies and audit trails for your site an easy task.
  • Is unique in allowing administrators to schedule and regulate bandwidth on a time basis to different users and host groups, lowering the peaks in usage across the day. This limits the need for bandwidth purchase based on excessively high peaks.
  • Traffic Discovery feature offers network monitoring of the bandwidth consumed by users, groups and applications. On this basis, administrators can determine protocols affecting network performance and take corrective action, improving the efficiency of the network.

Hardware Firewall

  • Examines each packet's payload, disallowing traffic that does not conform to the particular application protocol, thus providing dynamic packet filtering.
  • Offers protection from Denial of Service, SYN Flood, UDP, TCP, ICMP flooding attacks and from IP spoofing that generate useless, excessive traffic or reroutes traffic, bringing the network to a halt.


  • Provides resistance to malicious programs where it matters the most, that is, at the satellite gateway. Incoming and outgoing HTTP, FTP, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP traffic is subject to rigorous scanning, blocking malicious programs at the point of entry. This eliminates the expenses related to network clean-up and network downtime.
  • E-mail protection automatically detects, tags, deletes or quarantines spam. Allows blocking of mails by attachment file type, and copying of suspicious mail to the network administrator.

Web Content Filtering

  • WebCat, an automated web categorization engine, filters content through a comprehensive web database, with millions of sites in over 68 categories. Daily site updates curtail the risk of exposure to external threats and legal liability, while also saving valuable bandwidth.
  • Allows custom categories to defined, preventing users from accessing sites that are unauthorized by the administrator. Customized messages can be created, informing users of the reason for blocking the site.
  • Advanced HTTP Upload Block guards against the upload of confidential files or sensitive information to the Internet.
  • Policies can be defined by time and by user.
  • Over 60 applications are identified and controlled by the administrator via application signatures including FTP, P2P, DNS, SNMP, audio-video and more.

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)

  • Advanced encryption algorithms and authentication methods enable secure remote access for road warriors, telecommuters and branch offices, providing secure IPSec, L2TP, VPN for Site-to-Site and Host-to- Site connectivity.
  • Securely wraps an existing IP packet inside another defined in the IPSec format. With this flexibility, organisations can have secure connectivity through different Internet service providers and network types.
  • Support for Preshared Key and Digital Certificates-based user authentication. Also supports external certificate authorization, positively identifying the holder's identity.
  • NAT traversal allows IPSec connection through a NAT device.

Other Features

  • DHCP Server
  • DNS Server
  • Full VPN Functionality
  • SMTP Relay Server
  • HTTP Cache
  • HA Mode