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Remote Business Connections

Business doesn't always happen within 2 miles of a modern telephone exchange, which is why Bentley Walker provide high-speed satellite internet connectivity to businesses across globe wherever they need it.

From rural England to the most remote parts of Africa, our hardware can be found keeping people online with our range of world-class satellite internet services.

Backup Internet Connection

Modern businesses are totally on their local telephone exchange for all of their communications and data requirements. One problem at the exchange and it is not just the phones that go down, but the internet too.

Satellite Internet removes that single point of failure by providing a backup internet connection that is not reliant on the phone system.

Satellite services for Business

tooway coverage map
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Tooway satellite broadband delivers fast, affordable internet access where other services can't. Offering fantastic coverage of the UK and Western Europe, Tooway can get you online and broadband speeds quickly and easily and totally independently of the telephone network.

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hughes coverage map
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The Hughes HX50 is one of the most popular satellite internet solutions available on the market today. Bentley Walker package the HX50 with our exclusive BW Turbo software to deliver even higher speeds, which combined with "weather-beating" adaptive coding technology delivers you value, speed and reliability.

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Bentley Evolution S2 coverage map
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Incorporating the latest technology from iDirect, Bentley Evolution Satellite broadband delivers the highest levels of efficiency and reliability to your network. Bentley evolution also delivers excellent performance for VOIP and VPN.

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YahClick powered by YahSat is the ground breaking Ka Band service from Middle East Telecommunications specialists YahSat. YahClick delivers a fast, cost effective, and reliable satellite broadband solution, catering to the needs of business and home consumers in the Middle East, Africa and South West Asia.

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